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In Beta. Release due late Mar 2020

Examples of Bird List screens
Record, manage and share bird sightings

The Bird List app for the modern birder

Record and analyse your sightings

  • Quickly record sightings, locations and associated details

    Adding a sighting.
  • View your sightings as lists or on maps
  • The app automatically assigns each sighting to appropriate lists: including all-time, annual, monthly, weekly and daily lists amongst others
  • Create custom filtered lists based on date ranges, locations, or both. Use these to:
    • Keep records for you local patch
    • Record and compare sightings for regular birding trips
    • Conduct and compare periodic surveys of specific locations

      Map showing sightings
  • With your permission, your sightings are centrally collated so other users can search for specific species or see what’s currently being seen in an area.

Examine sightings for your current location

  • See all the recent sightings for any area you visit.
  • Map view of recent nearby sightings
  • View the nearest recent sightings for any species
  • Subscribe to sightings of specific species. Get push notifications when other users record a sighting that show the location and details

An app designed to utilise the power of your phone

  • Dark Mode support, mirroring the device setting
  • Uses the latest GPS technology to record your location, show it on a map, and convert it to a meaningful address